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Get the List of Top10 Stocks Straight to Your Inbox Every Month

Stop worrying and spending long hours to make the thoughtful investment decisions.

Instant Access – No Obligations – Opt Out at Any Time

I really wish I had found this 10 years ago. That would have saved me hundreds of hours of tedious research and thousands of wasted dollars. ” – Raphael

You could benefit from all these in the not too distant future

You could benefit from all these:

Reliable passive income

A steady stream of dependable and growing passive income.

Save time

No need to spend all your precious time working on the financial area of your life, use the most effective way to reach your goal instead!

Long-term Growth

High probability of inflation beating capital appreciation.

Peace of Mind

Live a meaningful life while your investments are working the way they are meant to be.

Low Risk

As a result of an evidence-based approach.

Keep it Simple

Achieve all these without becoming a full-time investment professional.

If you overcame this problem

It takes several years of devoted learning and independent thinking to figure out an evidence-based way of investing that really works. You will most likely make expensive mistakes along the way, but the painful lessons of the “learning by doing” phase are unavoidable.

After having read hundreds of investment books and distilling their contents to build your structured decision making process (that is absolutely necessary for consistent results); you will notice that not only the learning took time but operating your system does take up long hours and a 5-digit dollar amount annually. This latter sum you need to pay for institutional-level data like EVA (Economic Value Added) that are hardly available for small investors.

At this point you may feel that these requirements are way too much since you do not want to become a full-time investor.

Instead of giving up you turn to another direction…

And this is where most people go
terribly wrong

When noticing the time and money requirements of making thoughtful investment decisions on their own most people tend to give up the control and hand over their hard earned cash to “investment professionals” at mutual funds.

The typical mutual fund charges 1% of assets under management on an annual basis and clients are paying this for mediocre performance (at best).

I believe your money should be working on your account instead of making some already well-off Wall Street guy richer.

Overwhelmingly, mutual funds extract enormous sums from investors in exchange for providing a shocking disservice.”

David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale

What’s the solution then?

So it’s not the mutual funds that will give you financial freedom, while going your own way seems too expensive and time-consuming. 

But wait! Why would you make pointless efforts to reinvent the wheel, when I’ve already gone through all the “figuring out” phase?

You don’t have to, since I am here to share the ready-to-use stock picks of my totally transparent, evidence-based investment framework called the FALCON Method in the form of a monthly newsletter.

You have plenty of reasons to utilize a true and tried, proven system when you put your money to work:

Reason #1

Experimenting is like throwing money down the drain, it is utterly expensive.

Reason #2

The trial-and-error approach means you would waste enormous amount of time (along with the money).

Reason #3

Experimenting is like gambling with your hard-earned cash, it is stressful and impacts the other areas of your life.

Let me introduce the

FALCON Method Newsletter

With the FALCON Method Newsletter you can invest like a pro without devoting your whole life to stock selection and monitoring. And the price is only a tiny fraction
of the fees you would pay for a mutual fund.

As a subscriber you will benefit from:

Instant Access – No Obligations – Opt Out at Any Time

So what’s Inside the Newsletter?

Market Pulse

An introduction, where I am sharing my opinion on the market, highlighting some current news and opportunities worth paying attention to or simply illustrating an important investment concept with current examples. By reading this, subscribers of the FALCON Method Newsletter will become better investors and decision makers.

The Top10

This is exactly what you think it is; the list of the 10 highest ranked stocks that survived all the filtering and met all the quantitative and qualitative criteria. These stocks offer the best relative opportunities in the current market environment.

Short analyses

For all the companies in the Top10, I am sharing the most important data and considerations in the form of an easy-to-understand analysis. This part is to help you understand my thought process, along with the background of the investment opportunities the FALCON Method has highlighted.

Top Pick of the month

When compiling the newsletter and distilling all the details, the best opportunity usually stands out from the rest of the pack. I feel it provides added value if I tell you which company I would invest in if I could only go with one stock. (If it is a close call between two candidates, I will let you know my thoughts about why I pick the winner. This is both educational and useful.)

When to sell

The FALCON Method is not a trading system but a buy-and-hold approach, so it employs very simple rules for selling that are not too often triggered. That said, I always send an email alert when one of the stocks in our FALCON Portfolio becomes a sell.

Top Results with Less Effort

This is what the FALCON Method Newsletter offers.

Instant Access – No Obligations – Opt Out at Any Time
Feel free to email me at with any questions you might have.

Don't just take my word for it,
see what others are saying:


I have been seeking a good investing system for many years. After studying and started using the Falcon Method I knew that I have found the ultimate one. Warning, it leads to addiction!


I have read a couple of books about dividend investing but David’s approach is the best by far. His down to earth and simple yet structured and systematic method reflects how much effort and time he has put into his work. I have been using his method for almost 3 years now and all I can tell is that I love it. I still need to learn a lot, but he is easily accessible and helps with all my questions. Thanks David! Keep up the good work 😉


As a lawyer, I can make really good money, but I’ve never been taught how to invest it. I’ve been reading some books on this topic but most of them were rather frustrating… I felt they were not written for me. I gave your book a chance and this process you call the Falcon Method seemed so logical that it’s hard to believe you are the first to come up with it. I feel comfortable since I understand the approach you are using and as a next step I decided to subscribe to your newsletter. That stuff seems to give me the exact type of help I was looking for.


The Falcon Method helped me approach investing differently. It gave me the confidence to know exactly when and where to invest my money without the pain of spending long hours glued to the screen to figure out where the market is. It literally saves me from 10+ hours of research every month.


I have tried many different investing approaches before, but most of them were too complicated to follow, and the ones that were simple didn’t prove to be effective. This newsletter provides all the information I needed to start investing with confidence, no more no less. I can finally stop searching for the ‘right method’ and start focusing on the actual investing. Thanks for coming up with such a service!

What are all these benefits
worth to you?

What are all these benefits worth to you?

Let me repeat that such an all-round process like the FALCON Method requires huge amounts of data, structured and illustrated in a certain way so that one can manage the group of hundreds of selected stocks.

These tools together cost me more than $15,000 annually at the time of this writing. (And prices of the underlying services are trending up.)

Even if you are willing to put in all the work yourself, you may not have the portfolio size that makes paying more than $15,000 annually for data and visualization services reasonable.

And this is just the money part of the equation since the value of your time and effort is really hard to quantify.

I had a serious decision to make about pricing. I did not want to create an “elite service” for just a few people who could afford the high standard I am committed to providing, so I set the annual subscription rate of the FALCON Method Newsletter at a very reasonable level of $297.

Why would you pay thousands of dollars to a mutual fund manager every year when this newsletter solves the problem of investing in the right dividend paying stocks?

The price of the newsletter is
only $297 per year

The FALCON Method Newsletter can be the cornerstone of your financial future and is worth much more than $25 per month.

Remember, you get the list of Top10 stocks straight to your inbox every month that helps you achieve great results with less effort. Now it’s your turn to make a decision which in fact is totally risk-free.

Instant Access – No Obligations – Opt Out at Any Time
Feel free to email me at with any questions you might have.

What is a Free Trial?

The FALCON Method Newsletter currently has a risk-free trial, pay nothing for 7 days. After signing up you can instantly access the membership area where you will find the latest and all the previous issues of the newsletter. 
If you don’t feel the newsletter is the right fit for you, just send me an email at saying you want to opt-out within your trial period and you will pay nothing. No small print: absolutely no restrictions and no obligations.

You do have options,
but only one makes sense

You do have options, but only one makes sense

Option #1: Do nothing

You are surely not the kind of person who is not taking action when your financial future is at stake. So I only included this option for the sake of completeness.

Option #2: The Do-It-Yourself way

I believe you are capable of operating the FALCON Method on your own but I do not think it makes much sense. Remember, you will have to fork up more than $15,000 annually just for the data and required tools. On the top of this you will need to invest serious amount of time and money to learn everything about stock market investing and do the manual tasks of the process like qualitative filtering, which requires experience. If for some reason, you opt for this route, give yourself at least 3 years for the learning part; that is the bare minimum to read and learn all that is absolutely necessary. (I’ve gone through this phase, and that 3 year timeframe is rather an underestimation than an exaggeration.)

Option #3: Utilize the FALCON Method Newsletter

You can hire me to operate this investment system for you for the fraction of the true value of such a service. This is the best option for 99% of the people. (The remaining 1% is made up of such investment aficionados like me.)

Join Now and Access the Newest Edition of the Newsletter Immediately.

Try it for Free for 7 Days – No Obligations – Opt Out at Any Time
Feel free to email me at with any questions you might have.

Fair Questions, Honest Answers

If you ever see someone advertising such a thing, close your wallet and run. Guaranteeing future performance is impossible. The most valuable guarantee I can give you is about integrity and total honesty. I eat my own cooking, since I myself invest in the stocks included in the newsletter. I have achieved financial freedom with this approach so I will stick to this evidence-based method that is statistically proven to tilt the odds of superior performance in my favor. By subscribing to the newsletter you hire me to operate the FALCON Method for you with all the experience and knowledge I have accumulated throughout the years. I will do my best (for both you and me), this is what I guarantee.

It depends on what your goal is. Half an hour a month is more than enough to run through the list of Top10 stocks and have a look at the Top Pick so that you can make your buying decisions. However if you want to study all the details in the stock by stock analysis section of the newsletter, you might need some hours depending on the level of your current experience and understanding. The newsletter can make you a better investor if you are devoted to that purpose, or it can simply highlight the best stocks for you in any given market environment.

Yes. I am not using jargon to showcase my expertise, since I want to help everyone who cares about his/her financial future and is ready to take action. If you do not understand something I am always available, just email me at

I can tell you honestly that such an all-round process like the FALCON Method requires huge amounts of data, structured and illustrated in a certain way so that one can manage the group of hundreds of selected stocks. These tools together cost me more than 15,000 USD annually at the time of this writing. And this is just the money part of the equation since the value of my time and effort is hard to quantify.
Considering you get the ready-to-use results of this process for the fraction of the price I am paying for the raw data, the subscription fee is basically a steal.
Whether your portfolio returns will cover the subscription price depends on if you will stick to the strategy or not. The stock market is totally unpredictable in the short run, so you should only subscribe to the newsletter once you are ready to follow the strategy for years to come. Do not gamble on next year’s performance; go for the high probability of long-term outperformance instead. This is the desirable attitude that will get you results dwarfing the subscription fee.

We are using institutional-level data (like EVA, which stands for Economic Value Added) to remedy accounting distortions and identify the most promising investment candidates in any kind of market. No other service digs this deep, which is no surprise since operating our stock selection system costs a 5-digit dollar amount every year.

The FALCON Method is a unique process I have built based on years of learning and experience. You may find some services out there offering individual elements, certain pieces of this process, but the truth is that these steps are logically connected, and if you leave one out, you either become vulnerable to costly mistakes or lower the probability of high performance. Once you have familiarized yourself with the process, you will not want to skip any of its steps.

You will get an email on the first Sunday of every month informing you that the latest newsletter is published on the site. You can login to the membership area of the site with your username and password and access the latest newsletter there in PDF format. (Of course you can see all the previous newsletters there as well.)

As much as you need. Whenever you have questions email me at I usually answer within 24 hours and I most certainly guarantee that I reply to every email I receive.

My experience says that many people are trying to time the stock market and are waiting on the sidelines most of the time. Let me put it straight and short: this strategy does not work! (I wouldn’t even call it a strategy…)
“I can’t recall ever once having seen the name of a market timer on Forbes’ annual list of the richest people in the world. If it were truly possible to predict corrections, you’d think somebody would have made billions by doing it.” Peter Lynch
The FALCON Method can always identify top quality stocks that are on sale. The only difference between an overvalued and a depressed market is the number of bargains available. The wisest thing you can do is to buy the quality stocks that are available on the cheap in any given market and stick to this strategy throughout your life. This is the recipe that really works and the time to start implementing it is NOW.

Have additional questions?

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