Saving only makes sense if your money is working for you

The Ultimate Guide to take control of your financial future without becoming a full-time investor.

This was a fascinating read. It's certainly a distillation of a vast field of knowledge and experience, yet it's all very clearly explained.”
– Angie

I wrote this book for you if you are looking for...

Strategy Board-100

A long-term investment plan

That is based on historical evidence and is proven to work.

Combo Chart-100 (3)

Inflation beating returns

Get paid (dividends) to wait while the market revalues your investments, giving you a nice gain.

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Performance, not excitement

The FALCON Method is not an adrenalin pumping trading system but a thoughtful investment approach. The difference is night and day.


A low-stress way to build wealth

Buy top quality income producing assets when they are available on the cheap.

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Reliable and growing passive income

Reputable, top quality companies will pay you dividends like clockwork.

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A transparent method

Get to know a structured decision making process that produces results. Take control of your financial future!

The book will show you...

  • The truth about how one single decision can determine your financial future. What if you could base this very first decision on hardcore evidence instead of just guessing? (Hint: it’s about where to put your money or ‘asset allocation’ in financial lingo.)
  • How I built a system that made me financially free by the age of 33. It’s not about becoming a full-time investor! Focusing on the right factors will save you time and produce results.
  • How to invest your savings to achieve both reliable passive income and inflation beating returns
  • An effective way to avoid becoming overwhelmed. What if you could limit the universe of stocks from tens of thousands, to a few hundred candidates which have the characteristics that are proven to drive superior performance?
  • A simple framework to systematically select those top quality stocks that are available on the cheap and are offering the best total return potential on the market.
  • The right way to leverage an all-round investment process – the FALCON Method – that gives you the list of the best stocks every month. Knowing the names of the Top10 stocks is not everything, believe me!
  • And much more…

Achieve superior results in a low-stress way with an evidence-based stock selection process

Successful investing requires structured decision making based on a well-built process. This is exactly what you will learn in this book.

138 pages, PDF format

This step-by-step guide can take you to the next level!

  • Easy-to-understand
  • Practical
  • Actionable
  • Backed up by factual evidence

Here’s what readers say:



Having spent more than 10 years in the investment industry I am still amazed by how sharply the Falcon Method captures the very essence of long-term value investing. David communicates his vast knowledge in a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense style that makes it useful and entertaining at the same time.



I have read a couple of books about dividend investing but David's approach is the best by far. His down to earth and simple yet structured and systematic method reflects how much effort and time he has put into his work. I have been using his method for almost 3 years now and all I can tell is that I love it. I still need to learn a lot, but he is easily accessible and helps with all my questions. Thanks David! Keep up the good work 😉



I have always been more interested in creativity and the arts than in my finances. As I get closer to retirement age, I find myself more concerned about my future. This book has helped me build the confidence I need to invest and secure my financial health.



As a lawyer, I can make really good money, but I’ve never been taught how to invest it. I’ve been reading some books on this topic but most of them were rather frustrating… I felt they were not written for me. I gave your book a chance and this process you call the Falcon Method seemed so logical that it’s hard to believe you are the first to come up with it. I feel comfortable since I understand the approach you are using and as a next step I decided to subscribe to your newsletter. That stuff seems to give me the exact type of help I was looking for.

Why should you listen to me

My name is David Solyomi. I used to work as an equity analyst and financial journalist before becoming a serial entrepreneur.

I’ve built companies, sold companies and now invest in companies. I saw both sides of the story and this experience is a huge advantage.

I’ve been teaching investing and providing a newsletter service on dividend stocks in my home country (Hungary) since 2014. I also wrote a book that became a best-seller in the business/investing category and I occasionally accept public speaking engagements at reputable financial conferences.

As an investor I practice what I preach. I achieved financial freedom at the age of 33, the dividends of my stock portfolio have been covering my living expenses ever since. I am the living proof that the FALCON Method really works.

Are These Fears Holding You Back?

  • “I won’t understand the book.”
  • “I will not have time to apply what I learn.”
  • “I will not have the confidence to invest on my own.”

I’ve heard all these several times, yet I could positively impact the lives of hundreds of people, so let me address the above objections in a straightforward manner.

Don’t fret, you will surely be able to grasp and use what I am about to share with you since I packaged it into a simple and easy-to-digest format.

I am not the guy who uses jargon just to showcase the financial education he has, after all – as I am already living from passive income – I didn’t write this book with a definite financial motivation but to help you start along the same way that made achieving my childhood dreams possible. Start reading and your confidence will increase gradually as you get to know all the evidence that support the FALCON Method.

You do not even need to become a full-time investor like me, a few hours per month should be more than enough to profit immensely from what you will learn.

Make your money work for you

Maximize your returns while reducing the time and effort you put in.